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Who doesn’t love a beautiful bracelet? Especially if it comes in a black leather strap and furnished with rose gold hardware (RGHW) from the brand that consistently gets it right. Hermès. Today, it is all about covering a pretty wide range from the French luxury label, some classic, some new, in a number of styles that includes a single tour, a double tour and a cuff, so there’s definitely something for everyone.

Let’s start with the familiar. There’s the Collier De Chien, Kelly Dog and Kelly Double Tour, which are all considered classics as far as Hermès is concerned. Identifying the Collier De Chien is simple, look out for the cuff that comes with four pointed corners and a ring in the middle. Unmistakably chic, it is the most statement-making of them all, it starts from SGD1700, comes in a number of leather finishes and has always been the firm favourite amongst aficionados.

Moving on to the Kelly, they are identified by a famous signature, that turncock clasp. With the Kelly Dog (SGD850), it features a rectangular opening that is adjustable up to three different lengths to fit different wrist circumferences. In the case of the Kelly Double Tour (SGD760), it comes in a number of sizes from XS to M, so it’s all about finding the right size for you at the store.

Next, we have the new, such as the Mini Dog, which actually looks like the lovechild of the Kelly Dog and the Kelly Double Tour. Available in a Simple (SGD640) or Double Tour (SGD700) version, they bear a number of elements from the two icons, the Mini Dog is perfect for the chic individual who prefers the unconventional but yet a statement maker.

The newest of the 6 would most definitely be the Drag (SGD1100), which is the Hapi that’s now attached to a tall cuff. You can consider the Drag the quieter version of it’s older cuff sister (the CDC), but it really does boil down to days when you want to have more hardware (CDC) or less hardware (Drag).

And with all Hermès bracelets starting to adopt the new size charts that starts from the smallest T1 (14.5 cm in circumference) to T3 (16 cm), some of them will be available in T4 (17.5 cm in circumference) that will replace the previously used XS to L sizes. As for the bracelets above, you will find them in multiple sizes (T1 to T4), except for the Kelly Dog which only comes in a single size.

Beautiful, chic and all icons in their own right, these bracelets are made even more beautiful with rose gold hardware that while rare, do occasionally appear on our local Hermès boutique’s shelves. So if you ever spot one, you would already know what you should do.

Image: Hermès

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