Gucci Cruise 2018 Ugly ‘Dad’ Sneakers


It’s no secret I love my shoes as much as I love my bags, and like the latter, you can either go all out and get the priciest of footwear, or the entry-level ones that are no less desirable. And when I visited Gucci Singapore’s showroom recently for a preview of their upcoming Cruise 2018 collection, there were lace-ups to love and loafers to loathe (but that’s a post for another day), and there were these, which are what everyone is calling the ugly ‘Dad’ sneakers.

Raf Simons did a collab with Adidas, Balenciaga has their own version coming out for F/W17, and in a nutshell they are chunky, wide and a little unsettling at first sight, especially if you are already used to sleeker sneakers like Nike’s Flyknit Racer, for example. I was horrified myself, till I tried them on.

Besides being super comfy, they make small feet look proportionate and big feet normal, which can’t be a bad thing. These ones, from Gucci’s Cruise 2018 collection, apparently come tumbled in a dryer before they are sold, achieving a look that’s a little soiled, a little scruffy, but all cool. Available in 3 different designs, one comes plain while 2 have Gucci logos on them, including the one above I had to slap together with Photoshop since I can’t seem to find a proper pic of them yet.

I don’t know about you, or what you’re gonna say, but I’m definitely getting a pair come November. Along with a pair of ugly ‘Dad’ socks to go with it.

Image: Gucci

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