Burberry September 2017 Tartan Cotton Pouch


No, I’m not done obsessing over the bags from Burberry’s September 2017 collection, and while I’m still deciding over the colour of my Giant Reversible Tote (click here to read about it), here is another bag I would, I mean, you could consider. Simply known as the Tartan Cotton Pouch, it’s in the shape of a toiletry wash bag that some of you might have in your possession, but now used as a bag.

And why not, right? Which brings me to a story I’m not sure if I shared with you all before. Back when I was in secondary school, there was this brand that also sported tartan checks that I was crazy about. But because I wasn’t that well-off, I had to scrimp and save for months before I got my very own wash bag. Yes, it was similar to the one above, but without the top handle. And for many months after, I used it whenever I could because it was all the rage back then.

So yes, this one, from Burberry, certainly brings back memories for me. Measuring some 24.5 cm by 11 cm by 11.5 cm, I would definitely consider getting one. I just need to decide on the colour because there are 6 different combinations to choose from. Available online via Burberry, it is priced at SGD1075 each and I have narrowed it down to Limestone, Forest Green and Blue (left to right) but I’m still stuck.


Image: @admgng for Bagaholicboy

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