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If you are already a fan of all things Apple like me, you already know you’ll be getting Apple’s iPhone8, iPhone8Plus or iPhoneX, so this post will just focus on what, where and when for today. Officially unveiled this morning at Steve Jobs Theatre on the grounds of Apple’s new Apple Park in California, there are a total of 3 new models that will come in 3 different colours, Gold, Space Grey and Silver.


First, the iPhoneX. Also known as the iPhone 10, it will come in 2 colours, Space Grey and Silver. Available in 64GB and 256GB models that are priced at SGD1648 and SGD1888 respectively, you can order it online via Apple and collect it directly from their Singapore flagship Apple Orchard. The downside? Singapore will not be releasing this model until 3 November 2017, so fans out there will just have to sit tight and wait a little longer.


Next up, the iPhone8. Available in 2 sizes (the iPhone8 with a 4.7 inch display and iPhone8Plus with a 5.5 inch display), it will come in 3 colours, Gold, Silver and Space Grey. Priced at SGD1148 and SGD1388 for the 64GB and 245GB models without contract, here’s the good news. In Singapore, the iPhone8 and iPhone8Plus will be available for pre-orders from 15 September with the official launch date slated from 22 September 2017.

So what’s the most obvious difference between the iPhone8 and the iPhoneX? Well, besides the price, which is almost seven hundred more for the latter’s most expensive model compared to the former’s cheapest one, the home button on the iPhoneX also no longer exists. Yes, on the iPhoneX you’ll have to use Face ID to unlock your phone. Along with a 12-megapixel rear camera, there’s also Portrait Lighting, which allows one to capture stunning portraits with a shallow depth-of-field effect in 5 different lighting styles.

There’s also the all-glass front and back that features the most durable glass ever in an Apple phone. In Space Grey or Silver, the end-to-end display is ‘held’ together by a surgical-grade stainless steel band that seamlessly wraps around (and reinforces) the iPhoneX. In other words, if you really want something different, go for the iPhoneX because the iPhone8 just feels like a minor upgrade more than anything else that you won’t really need. Right?

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