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It never ceases to amuse me why some of you will insist on buying countless SGD20 dollar cloth totes over the span of 4 to 5 years because it’s cheap, but baulk at the thought of investing in a proper designer one that will cost more or less the same and have the same, if not more, years of use.

And while I understand it’s much easier to come up with twenty bucks than say, two thousand at any given time, what really peeves me is that some of these people are the ones who say cloth totes are more environmentally friendly. Yes, one designer tote that you’ll cherish and love (and actually use every day) as opposed to many of the thin fabric ones growing mould and turning yellow is friendlier for Mother Earth? Right.

But today’s post isn’t about my pet bag peeves, so let’s just focus on the bag on hand, which coincidentally happens to be a tote. From Loewe comes the Mens Vertical Tote (44 cm by 39.5 cm), which at SGD2690 isn’t exactly chump change, but is destined to be an everyday classic. Made up of tough raw canvas that’s finished with calfskin handles and trim that will only get better with age, it also comes with a zipper on the top for those paranoid about prying hands, whilst the additional pouch compartment contained within is good for additional bits and bobs.

Now available at Loewe boutiques in Singapore (try Marina Bay Sands or Paragon) where it also comes in a full Black along with the one in Tan that’s shown above, just remember this. Quality over quantity, every time.

Image: Loewe

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