Gucci Bamboo Top Handle Basket Bag

IMAGE: GUCCI Unless you’ve been living under the proverbial rock, you would have seen basket bags all over the place. On Instagram, along Orchard Road, even in your friendly neighbourhood hipster cafe. Yes, woven straw or rattan baskets are officially très chic again, and whether you bought them in Arab Street, Taobao or even the vintage store, you’re now part of the coolest cliques around.


Maybe it’s the collective conscious of wanting to do good (they are pretty environmentally friendly) and the whole living simply movement that makes them so desirable, or maybe it’s because they are generally affordable, hardy and great for everything else besides being a bag because you could also them to house flowers, store fruits or even as picnic baskets.

But if you’re looking for the one that tops everyone else’s basket bag, might I present this one from Gucci, the Bamboo Top Handle Basket Bag. New from their Fall-Winter 2017 collection, the 22 cm by 15.5 cm by 12 cm woven straw basket comes with the iconic Bamboo top handle, completing the look that’s part-vintage, part-hipster and all Alessandro Michele.

Lined with the prettiest of linen fabrics that come printed with tiny roses, the SGD2580 bag is now available at Gucci boutiques in Singapore. The good news? There are only 2 pieces for sale, which means you’ll be hard-pressed to see another with the same bag walking down Orchard Road.

Image: Bagaholicboy & Gucci

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