Fendi Runaway: The Perfect Everyday Tote

A: Sunglasses, SGD650, B: Laced-up Strap You, SGD1370, C: Silk twilly, SGD240, D: Wool scarf with shearling, POA, E: Fruits charm, SGD1020, F: Zip around wallet, SGD790, G: LOVE iPhone7Plus case, SGD580 | IMAGE: @WALNUTCRUST FOR BAGAHOLICBOY

One of the questions I always get, sometimes 4 or 5 times in a month, always relates to the perfect work bag. Something that’s not too expensive nor showy, something that’s not too big or too small, but yet has to be trendy and new, because which woman out there wants to carry around a bag from 2012, right?

And every time, without fail, I’ll point them to my list of evergreen classics because somehow ‘work bag’ and ‘trendy and new’ didn’t exactly go together for the longest time. Until today. Ladies, meet Fendi’s new Fall-Winter 2017 offering, the Runaway.

A: Studded bracelet, SGD770, B: Can Eye sunglasses, SGD790, C: Flowerland slides, SGD1090, D: Micro Baguette, SGD2660, E: ABCLICK B Charm, SGD470, F: Studded Strap You, SGD1570, G: Studded Key Case Pouch, SGD470 | IMAGE: @WALNUTCRUST FOR BAGAHOLICBOY

For starters, they are roomy. Available in 2 sizes (the Small and the regular), their trapezoid-shaped bodies are ample enough for work and then some. Measuring 29 cm by 22 cm for the Small and 38 cm by 30 cm for the regular, trust me when I say that they can hold lots. Made out of leather but still extremely lightweight (yes, I made sure to check on that as well), you’ll have no problems going a full day with the small one, whilst the regular one is good for that extra pair of flats or a smaller handbag nestled snugly amongst your other work essentials if you’re planning to head out after work.

A: Black Flower Strap You, SGD1570, B: Faith clutch, SGD1650, C: Wool scarf with mink, POA, D: Mini By The Way, SGD1990, E: Eyeline sunglasses, SGD565, F: Selleria wallet, SGD720, G: Fruits charm, SGD1020 | IMAGE: @WALNUTCRUST FOR BAGAHOLICBOY

Available in 6 ‘safe for work’ colours like Black, Blue, Brown and Pink, just to name a few, the bag also sensibly comes with two different straps. A shorter one that’s detailed with Fendi’s all-new round logo (that’s the trendy bit ticked for you), as well as a longer one for wearing it over the shoulder.

The best part? Prices for both sizes are reasonable as well, with the one in Small priced at SGD2890 and the regular retailing for just SGD3280. In other words, check, check, and check, the Runaway is going to be as good as it gets if you’re looking for a work bag that’s affordable, roomy and trendy.

And if you’re still on the fence, take a look at the beautifully prepared illustrations (shown above) that show you what will fit into the Runaway on any given work day (yes, it has been tried and tested), and then head down to Fendi boutiques at Marina Bay Sands or Ngee Ann City and try them out for yourself. Because if you don’t fall in love and run away with this bag, I don’t know what will.

Images: @walnutcrust for Bagaholicboy
This is a special created in collaboration with Fendi

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