Tiffany & Co.: It All Begins With A T…


T is tasteful, T is timeless, T is trendy, which, short of sounding like an unofficial ad for Tiffany & Co.’s T collection, is exactly how I feel. If you’ve seen me out and about, you would have noticed the Tiffany T Square Bracelet on my right wrist. And even though mine is the one in sterling silver (because the ones in gold would be so much better, right?), it’s become my everyday armour of sorts (think Wonder Woman and her cuffs and you’ll know what I mean). And if it so happens that I forget to wear it out on any given day (God forbid!), I would feel a little naked and under-dressed.

Created by then design director of Tiffany in 2014, the #TiffanyT is fast becoming one of the American jeweller’s key signature series (and one of my all-time favourites) thanks to its clean lines and sharp good looks that’s punctuated by the same alphabet the brand is named after.


So why the allure, you ask? For starters, it’s a versatile design that makes it perfect for both men and women, though admittedly, the ladies have more choices when it comes to the #TiffanyT collection. Two, the alphabet, in the Sans Serif font, is bold and striking, even from afar. And thirdly, it comes in both sterling silver or precious golds, so there’s definitely something for everyone, from the humblest of T rings in silver to diamond-adorned tennis bracelets that come set in white gold. Finally, and most importantly, you can mix it with other pieces from Tiffany’s repertoire and they will still look perfect together. Promise.


A pretty extensive collection, the #TiffanyT universe extends to a wide range of designs that include the T Square – where the T is seamlessly integrated into the bracelet/ring; the T Wire – where the T is attached to a thin, wire-like band; the T Cutout – where the T is stamped out to form a graphical silhouette; the T Hinged – a wrap around jewellery piece that’s finished with the T on one end; the T Chain – interlocking T’s that come together to form an elongated chain; and the T Smile – a series of pendants shaped to look like two T’s on opposite ends merged together to form a smile. And in these gorgeous silhouettes, the pieces come in sterling silver and different golds, from rose to yellow to white, with some even adorned with diamonds for that extra sparkle.


A well-rounded range that’s tasteful, timeless and forever trendy, the architecturally sublime #TiffanyT will continue to have that special place in my heart. And if you want to check out all pieces T, just head down to Tiffany & Co. for a look yourself and I promise you’ll totally fall for it.

Images: Tiffany & Co.

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