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Prada literally took charms to a whole new level with Talismans – the Italian label’s very first jewellery collection comprising silver and semi-precious stones (along with wood and seashells) that have been translated into large pendants that if you’re a believer, all have magical energy contained within.

First up, we have the pieces that come on wooden twigs decorated with beautifully carved animals known as the Talisman Animalier collection. With each animal representing a different meaning, the Monkey, for example, represents an agile mind, one that’s adaptable yet playful. Attached onto their own wooden twig with some having semi-precious stones for eyes, other animals include the elephant, a fish, a koala bear, even a parrot.


Then there are the crystal pieces, featuring large pieces of stones from the amethyst to the citrine, along with labradorite and rock crystals, with each possessing different attributes, from amethyst’s ability to reawaken one’s inner spiritual awareness to citrine’s self-healing properties, especially good when worn close to the body.

Available for both men and women, the necklaces that come with semi-precious stones will start from SGD1750, while those featuring seashells start from SGD1370. The larger pieces, featuring carved animals on wooden twigs, will retail from SGD2080. And beyond their natural, magical properties, these talisman necklaces are in my opinion truly gorgeous statement pieces that you can wear over most any outfit on any given day.

Images: Prada

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