Gucci ‘Take Out’ Print Silk Scarf


As if you needed another reason to step into Gucci, well, here’s mine. New from the Fall arrivals is this most beautiful of silk scarves, a monster 90 cm by 90 cm 100% silk square that if you look at closely enough, does really have a monster on it.

Together with the dragon, there are tigers and whales, along with Gucci’s now familiar animalia that includes bees and snakes. There’s a human skull, and what looks like a spaceship zapping animals up and bringing them to a new home, which is certainly prophetic given the state of the world today. Priced at SGD640, you can pick it up now via Gucci boutiques in Singapore.


If, however, you are looking for something a little less profound/morbid that’s also silk and priced the same, how about this one, created in collaboration with Spanish artist Coco Capitán. Scribbled across the vintage-inspired Gucci logo are the words ‘What are we going to do with all this future?’.

No, not morbid at all.

Images: Gucci

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