Tiffany & Co.: The Keys To My Heart


When we think of keys, we typically associate them with a certain significance. Like how we use them to keep our most important items locked up, precious memories like letters from our first love, photographs we treasure, even trinkets that we all have great sentimental attachment to, with a key being the only way to unlock them.


With Tiffany & Co., the key symbolises that exact sentiment, one of great significance that can be used to celebrate milestones in our everyday lives. Coming of age, first job, first love, opening oneself to new beginnings and the world of possibilities, and one that starts with Tiffany’s emblematically enchanting Key.


A modern yet timeless collection of pendants in the shape of a key that was first introduced in 2008, Tiffany’s Key collection encompasses over 200 designs that include everything from fleur-de-lis to trefoil flowers and hearts, even keys inspired by actual vintage pieces. Available in a wide variety of metals from the humble (sterling silver) to precious (all manner of gold and platinum), some come as is, others come adorned with sparkling diamonds complete with the most detailed of metalwork.

Once you’ve chosen the Key (or keys, since some of them are sold in pairs), the next step in making it truly yours will be the addition of a necklace chain, which are sold separately. You can wear your Key short or long (there are 5 different lengths that range from 40 cm to 76 cm), but the best way to decide is to head down to a Tiffany & Co. boutique yourself and try on as many pieces as you like.

Wear them on their own, or just add on a new Key every time you achieve a new milestone in your life. Prices range from SGD265 to SGD42,800, depending on the design you pick, which just leaves one question. Which Key from Tiffany & Co. will be one that unlocks your heart?

Images: Tiffany & Co.

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