Louis Vuitton: #LVxSupreme Collection To Launch 14 July 2017 in SG


Sadly, folks, that isn’t a typo. While some parts of the world (specifically Beijing, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, Seoul, Sydney and Tokyo) will be shopping at their #LVxSupreme pop-ups tomorrow (30 June 2017), we in Singapore will just have to wait a little more. And word on the street has it that our turn will come on 14 July 2017, with the collection expected to be launched exclusively at Louis Vuitton’s ION Orchard boutique.


Also, to respect Supreme’s traditional modus operandi where it is first-come, first-served, everyone will have to queue come launch day (yes, even LV VIPs), so it will really be a case of how early you’ll be heading down to join the line. There will also be shopping limitations placed on each customer to prevent reselling, so even if you are further down the line you can be assured that you’ll still be able to get something.

So now that you know the when and the where, tell me, what are your must-haves from this once-in-a-lifetime collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Supreme?

Update: 5 July 2017
There’s a lot of anxiety and confusion over the upcoming #LVxSupreme launch in boutiques, and understandably so, since this would go down as one of the biggest collaborations that ever happened in recent fashion history. Details are still scant (yes, LV is still tight-lipped about everything), but I have gathered a little more intel. The collection will sell from 14 July 2017 in Singapore’s ION Orchard, and the queue is expected to start from 11 July 2017 (or when LV will start accepting folks who are intent on queuing). Also, one more thing, and this concerns the amount each person in the queue can buy. Not confirmed or verified, but I hear each person in the queue will only be allowed 2 RTW pieces and 1 other item of their choice. And that’s it. More updates to come.

Update: 7 July 2017
The collection doesn’t launch for another 7 days, but a ‘queue’ of sorts have already formed outside ION Orchard. Yes, it has begun.

Update: 11 July 2017
This is what I know now. Due to intense and unprecedented interest in this collection, along with LV’s continued #nocomment on this issue, everything reported above might change. In other words, good luck guys.

Update: 12 July 2017
Ok guys, this would be the last update. #LVSingapore will be implementing a raffle system much like the ones Supreme does for their own stores to thwart those who have been trying to sell queue positions online. To commence tomorrow morning (13 July 2017) at 7 am sharp, everyone is invited to LV ION Orchard for a chance to receive a queue number, which will then be assigned to their identification card (in other words, please remember to bring your IC or passport).

On 14 July, at 10.30 am (or when the boutique opens), numbers will be called in ascending order and each person will be allowed to purchase one item from each category. In other words, one bag (LG), one wallet or card case (SLG), one RTW, one shoe and one accessory for a total of 5 pieces max person. #happyshopping

Images: Louis Vuitton

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  • savio says:

    LOL!!! Bagaholicboy I like your last update… Everything can change!!!

    I for one hope there is a last minute twist to the drop location. That will add to the excitement and ensure an official line is formed… will also get rid of those resellers who have lined up just to make a quick buck by offering unofficial slots for sale!

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      I’ve been hearing so many different rumours I don’t even know what’s real or not anymore. So good luck to all and let the games truly begin.

  • SupremexLVSG says:

    Hello Bagaholicboy, just wondering, if LV wants to form the official queue, will they entertain the unofficial queue list? It said first come, first serve like supreme’s tradition. If other people (not from the unofficial queue) go and queue and they might be the first few people in the official queue, what can the unofficial queue people do? Can they ask them to move to back? Or a fight might happen? BTW the unofficial queue people are not even queuing yet, they are just waiting for the poles to be dropped by LV. But they do have a name list. Hmm…

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      Honestly, I am really not sure. LV is still keeping mum on this matter and not commenting on anything.

  • Kay says:

    Just popped by the ION LV store and there wasn’t any queue! Were those people that you saw queuing asked to leave? Or?

  • Concerned says:

    I second calling the authorities to disperse them.

  • Savio says:

    Its quite sad… I was at ION Orchard today and saw people just camped outside waiting to queue… What’s worse is that they have put up listings on Carousell boldly proclaiming their numbers in the so-called queue, which itself is illegal. And are offering these spots for sale at ridiculous amounts… I hope LV call the cops on these flippers and force them to disperse so genuine buyers can actually buy this stuff.

  • Charles Wu says:

    Will this be happening in Taiwan? Or HK? Or Vietnam?

  • Nadish says:

    Isn’t this an unofficial queue? Doesn’t this mean that when the poles are put up by LV and everyone rushes into the queue, nobody is guaranteed their spots? Just wondering.

  • Martin says:

    I like your idea, both former and latter! Let’s call the authorities and disperse them!

  • Sam says:

    Hi Bagaholicboy! I’ve been following your posts for a while about #LVxSupreme. You said that each person is only allowed 2 RTW and 1 other piece of our choice… means in total can buy 3 pieces only?

  • Jamz says:

    Don’t these ‘kids’ have school to go to? Can i call on the police to disperse this illegal gathering outside LV ION. *evil* Maybe they should create a raffle queue OR ‘shift’ the store to somewhere else since it’s not officially out yet.

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