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Loewe’s Zipper Bag is an interesting one. Seemingly simple from the front, look at it from above and you’d actually see not one, not two, but three zippers (yes, that’s how the bag got its name, by the way) that all open into their own individual compartments. All lined in suede for that extra plush touch, 3 times the compartments also means 3 times the fun, allowing you to fully embrace your inner OCD and use them differently. Front zip pocket for work. Middle zip pocket for gym. And the last one for everything else.

Available in a single size, the Zipper Bag is priced at SGD4850 and comes in number of Loewe’s classic colours like Black, Indigo and Orange. And if there is one thing about the Spanish luxury house we can’t stress often enough is the quality materials (the supple leather exterior, suede interior and gold-tone hardware) and superb craftsmanship that Loewe takes great pride in.

In other words, if you’ve never owned a Loewe, it’s time to take a trip down to Casa Loewe at Paragon to take a look at the Zipper Bag, as well as the other offerings from the brand, including the collaboration with Paula’s Ibiza that launched last week.

Image: @walnut for Loewe

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  • Dave says:

    What a great brand! And as you say the quality and craftsmanship are of the highest level and I totally agree!

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