J.W. Anderson P* Leather Keyrings


I’ve sat on them for a while now, torn deciding if these leather keyrings should ever see light of day after being buried deep in the recesses of my inbox for the longest time. You see, these aren’t just any ordinary leather key holders from J.W. Anderson, but rather it’s the shape of things to well, cum. Because while most come shaped in the form of animals, initials or even strips of leather, these are in the shape of a phallus.

Yes, folks, that’s a p**** you’re staring at (and a pierced one at that), available in at least 5 different colours now online via J.W. Anderson. Priced at GBP75 each, it measures 17 cm from end to end (or almost 7 inches for those out there who must know) though there’s no word on its actual girth. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

Image: J.W. Anderson

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