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Ever so often we’d stumble into the Hermès store and get lost in there, falling in love with just about everything that we don’t necessarily need, but most definitely want. And one particular area that contains the most unusual of wants has got be on the 3rd floor of Hermès’ Liat Tower flagship that houses equestrian-related pieces for the working stable, but if you were to look a little closer, you’ll spot something that will also work beautifully for the modern apartment of today.

Simply known as the Saddle Box, it’s something that’s usually used to store horse feed in the stable. In our world, however, this would make the perfect storage container for all our random household objects, whilst looking chic all at once. Measuring some 32.5 wide by 37 cm for the one in Small, it also comes in Medium and Large, with the latter coming in 43 cm by 63.5 cm. In other words, you could even use it as a side table beside the sofa or even as a nightstand.


Available in a range of beautiful colours, Feu (a nice warm orange), Khaki and Navy, they are made of reinforced recycled cardboard that’s finished with metal lids on both ends with a pair of canvas straps adorned with bridle cowhide. Priced at SGD620, SGD840 and SGD1100 respectively for the 3 sizes, they aren’t exactly cheap by say, Ikea standards, but they are definitely worth it because a) you don’t want to be the every second person in the world to own a Lack side table, b) this will good look in any corner of your room and c) hey, it’s Hermès, ok?

Now that you’re convinced that you need 1 (or all 3) for your home, here’s the not so good news. Consistently sold out at Hermès (though we hear there’s a small Feu over at Liat Towers), the best thing you could do for yourself (and your home) is to head down anyway and put yourself on the wait list.

Images: Hermès

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