Anya Hindmarch Paperchain Mini Vere Satchel


If you ever wondered what happened to those party paper chains after the office celebrations ended, Anya Hindmarch took them all and upcycled them. Just kidding. But if you’re wondering why the sling on this Paperchain Mini Vere Satchel looks familiar, that’s because it’s inspired by the most humble of party decorations.

Measuring a wee 10 cm by 5 cm by 3.5 cm, the crinkled full leather bag comes finished in metallic hues, from the shiny lustrous grey body to the individual leather paper chains that’s as Mardi Gras as it gets with colours plucked from the rainbow. Priced at GBP1095 and available online via Anya Hindmarch, it’s the perfect little weekend number that’s as whimsical as it gets.

Image: Anya Hindmarch

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