Louis Vuitton America’s Cup 2017 Collection


Before we start, let me first warn you, this post is going to be pretty image intensive. So if you’re one that gets tempted easily, look away now. But if you a) like the challenge, b) have nothing better to do right now and c) always love what Louis Vuitton has done with regards to their America’s Cup collection, this post is definitely for you.

Into its 35th year, the America’s Cup is the yachting version of F1, to put it simply. And in collaboration with Louis Vuitton, they have created a new lifestyle collection just for the boys that is made of athleisure, leather goods, eyewear, shoes and of course, accessories.


And the pieces most everyone will start with will have to be the SLGs, which is pretty extensive to say the least (what you see above is just a sprinkling, trust me). From wallets of all types (from the PF Brazza to the PF Slender) in both Damier Cobalt and Damier Coastline Bleu to larger pieces like zip clutches and the plastic iPad case (shown above), you won’t be lacking for choice if you want something sporty to add to your bag wardrobe.


Then there are the bags, from backpacks (that’s the new Apollo, by the way) to messengers (the District comes in 2 sizes, MM and PM) with a pair of Keepall55 Bandoulière bags rounding up the selection. I say pair because one of them is finished with a yellow diagonal stripe, while the other sports a red one.


Last but by no means least, there are the charms, of which are there are plenty. Definitely nautical-themed, you can opt for the functional like the whistle and the torchlight, or the adorable (who can resist the sea turtle?), all you need to do is to sail on down to Louis Vuitton now (be prepared to be over-whaled, sorry, I couldn’t resist) and see what of these new pieces will be going home with you.

Images: Louis Vuitton

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