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Oh Paloma, you quirky little beauty. The bag is very Christian Louboutin for a number of reasons – the handles, the colours, and of course, those unmistakable spikes.

First, we’ll start with the handles, which are the same colour as the insole on Louboutin stilettos, that creamy soft Nude. Turn the bag to its side and you’ll see another much-used Louboutin colour, their iconic red. On the Paloma, you’ll find that striking red on the bag’s inner layer and together they are the bag’s most consistent signatures, an ode to what made Louboutin to begin with, their tall, sexy heels.

Clean and simple when viewed from the front, turn it to its side again and you’ll see the spikes, instantly bringing to mind how like the Paloma, most of us out there can be naughty and nice all at once. Slightly elevated with four pedestal studs (which also means the undersurface of the bag never really touches whatever it’s placed on), it’s definitely a well-thought out feature that’s much appreciated, especially when some of us can be OCD like that.


Available in four sizes; NanoSmall, Medium and Large, they all come with their own shoulder sling, with prices starting from SGD1750 for the Paloma Nano in black calfskin leather. And if plain calfskin leather is just too pedestrian for your taste, you’ll find the Paloma in everything from pony hair to felt and even one that’s decorated with gold and silver studs for Spring-Summer 2017.

For fans of the offbeat luxury house, this is as Louboutin as it gets, and if you’re also looking out for a bag that stands out from the rest of the crowd, this is something that you could most definitely consider. Available at their newish flagship boutique at Scotts Square, you could also shop online via Christian Louboutin where shipping is free for orders from Singapore, with tax and duties already included in the price. In other words, why not?

Images: Christian Louboutin

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