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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’d have probably seen Lady Gaga’s stellar Super Bowl performance, and caught the 60-second clip showcasing Tiffany’s latest modern rebel (just watch the YouTube video above), the one and only Lady Gaga for HardWear.


Let’s not just talk about Tiffany’s HardWear, let’s swoon. The very embodiment of strength and soul of the modern lady, three words come to mind when describing the collection. Attitude. Unisex. Extensive.

Attitude. Each piece exudes a vibe that’s chic yet raw all at once, a rebellious attitude present in the pieces from this collection. Embodying the power and spirit of New York City with the juxtaposition of high fashion and streetwear, it was if the urban soul of the city was channelled into HardWear during the design phase and those vibes shine through effortlessly in all the jewellery pieces.


Unisex. Inspired by a 1971-released ball and chain bracelet that appealed to both sexes way back then, the HardWear pieces are elegant but with a twist. Depending on which of the pieces you like the most, there are pieces for women, pieces for men and of course, pieces that both sexes can wear interchangeably. Bracelets come in varying sizes, so most anyone can have a go at them, or just take a necklace, wrap it twice around your wrist and you’ve got the coolest double tour bracelet yet. Personalisation is also big with the HardWear collection, with selected pieces available for say, engraving of your loved ones’ initials, to make it even more special.


Extensive. The collection is pretty extensive, even exhaustive, with pieces available in sterling silver all the way to bold 18k gold. A highlight piece is the chain necklace that features graduated links and a fuss free clasp that keeps the whole look together. Other pieces include everything from earrings to rings, and whether you’re naughty or nice, you’ll have no problems finding pieces that will speak to your personality the most.

Prices start from SGD255 for the Bead Ring in sterling silver right up to SGD18,800 for the chunky 18k gold Chain Wrap necklace, with the entire collection to be released in Tiffany & Co. boutiques on 28 April 2017. Most importantly though, keep an eye out for them on my social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where I will share first glimpses, Bagaholicboy-style, on what’s to come!

Images: Tiffany & Co.

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