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You can give your loved one one of a million things this Valentine’s Day, an easy feat considering the sheer amount of love-themed designer goods out there. Then there’s always the romantic dinner, and the 99 roses that will all add up to a massively insane amount. Which is all well and good if your intended is into all this, but could there be a better way to spend all that money?

Well, yes and no. Yes, if you want to give her something that will last forever and a day, which also happens to be the subject of today’s post. Something you’ll often see perched on top of luggages at the airport are Rimowa’s beauty cases, which if you think about it, have many more uses than just being a ‘beauty case’.

Yes, you could use it as is, carrying your beauty products to use on the plane. Or, you could use it as a mini storage trunk, where it sits on your vanity holding all your daily essentials. I own one myself, and I use it as a tiny safe (all beauty cases come with combination locks) where I store my passport, important documents, even some cash, and in the case of any emergency, I can just grab it and go.

In other words, even if it isn’t exactly the most romantic gift around, these beauty cases are truly practical, and after the meal has been digested and the roses wilted, these beauties (which range from SGD525 to SGD1250) from Rimowa will be around for a long time to come.

Image: Rimowa

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