Chanel: Chapter 18; Gabrielle, A Rebel At Heart


Rebel at heart. These 3 words best describe Gabrielle Bonheur ‘Coco’ Chanel, who even way back then, led a life most of us would only be able to dream of. Described as ‘having audacity’, ‘a thirst for freedom’, and of course, ‘her irreverence’, it was her trailblazing never-say-die attitude that made her into the legend that she is today.


And for 2017, Chanel celebrates this legendary designer with 4 films, the first of which is this, Chapter 18. Part of an ongoing series titled Inside Chanel, I would watch these animated videos over and over, especially with the stellar animation that accompanies each chapter. Also, I’d like to think that each episode leaves you a little more inspired than before, especially with motivational nuggets we can all identify with. The one for this chapter? ‘Choose your destiny. Even if you have to reinvent your path.’

Image & Video: Chanel

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