Zatchels Sugarcube In Pink Pastel


I’m a firm believer that you always get what you pay for, but sometimes there are exceptions. Take, for example, Zatchels’ new bag, the Sugarcube, which if I understand correctly, is only retailing for GBP36 (or around SGD64 or so after conversion). In other words, an absolute steal.

Let me explain. Besides the fact that it is full leather, Zatchels states on their site that their bags are all ‘lovingly handmade in England’, which can only be a good thing. The shape, an almost square little satchel with a top handle and buckle clasp, is also adorable, and quite frankly, an ideal bag for the upcoming Lunar New Year festivities. Available in a wide variety of pretty hues, from Pastel Pink (shown above) to Red and Orange (there are actually 17 colours in all), I’m almost able to forgive its less-than-perfect workmanship, which I’m assuming is the reason for its low, low prices.

But still, under a hundred bucks with enough change to spare for a hipster brunch, I say why not? Check out the full collection via this link, and the other thing to note, shipping isn’t free but hey, what more can you expect from a bag priced so low already, right?

Image: Zatchels

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  • Chérie says:

    I forgot to add that the reason the Sugarcube is so cheap is because it’s on sale. It currently costs £36 instead of £60, it’s at 40% discount.

  • Chérie says:

    I have to agree with Vivien, I own 3 Zatchels bags and I’m waiting for my fourth one to arrive and none of them show signs of ‘less-than-perfect workmanship’.

    The oldest one is 4 years old and it still looks perfect (although I take very good care of my leather bags and use waterproof spray and leather protectant as often as needed).

    Also, the third bag I bought was damaged by water during transport (friendly reminder: don’t order anything when your country is in the middle of a snowstorm) and they immediately replaced it, no questions asked.

  • Vivien says:

    Hi, no offence intended, just wanted to share my opinion regarding your comment on quality. In my experience, Zatchels are pretty well made. I have one, purchased years ago, and still in good shape despite being ill-treated by my sister.

    They also have a lifetime guarantee and free repairs. So, perhaps it’s not quite right to assume that low prices equate to poor workmanship, unless you have experienced it for yourself?

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