Loewe S/S17 Lantern Bag In Tan & Gold


With a brand like Loewe, you’ll sometimes need a sense of humour (preferably large), especially when faced with something like Spring-Summer 2017‘s Lantern Bag. It’s definitely not a conventional piece, but it will start conversations, like the one I had going in my own head when I first chanced upon it some weeks back.

The inspiration behind it is decidedly simple, a bag shaped like a lantern that’s almost gourd-like, it starts narrow on the top before it extends in the middle, and then tapering down towards the end. What’s more difficult was the thought process of making something traditionally crafted out of paper (or fabric) which is easy, but swopping that out for leather instead.

In other words, it must have been a huge exercise in applying everything Loewe had in their leather-crafting arsenal and know-how techniques just to figure out how to make it completely in a material that’s pretty tough to work with in the first place. I could only imagine the hours that went into moulding the shape needed to resemble a lantern, before the pieces are stitched together to form that distinctive shape.

Which is exactly what I respect most about the Spanish luxury house, their will to try something that’s not easy and honing their skills, instead of doing yet another simple shape with a sling or two and selling it for bucketloads of money.

And while it will not appeal to everyone (especially with its SGD8690 price tag), this is proof that craftsmanship and ingenuity are alive and well at the Spanish luxury house. Which just makes me want the Goya Backpack even more now. See what they did?

Image: Loewe

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  • Dave says:

    Personally, I don’t like this bag but as you say it is a proof of craftsmanship and an example of J.W. Anderson’s art.

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