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It is believed by the Chinese that it’s important to have our rice bins filled to the brim before the arrival of Lunar New Year, signifying great abundance for the coming year. And while I’m not exactly sure how many youngsters still believe (or actually do it the night before CNY), there’s actually a bag today that kinda looks like the huge rice bin I used to see growing up at my grandmother’s house. It was round, tub-like and in an old, slightly worn varnished red hue. Which, in a way, does look like J.W. Anderson’s Bucket Bag, which is also round, tub-like but in a bright Scarlet colour.

The only difference? Whilst you can’t bring your rice bin out over CNY (or any other day, for the matter), you can with the Bucket Bag, which helpfully comes with a top handle as well as a long shoulder sling. Just pile your contents into the drawstring cord pouch that comes attached to the bag and you’re good to go, whether it’s for visiting the elders during the festive holidays (I guarantee your bag will be full of red packets too, since the older folk will certainly appreciate the association), or just a fun bag for every other day. It’s just cute.

Available in a whole lot of colours besides Scarlet (Black, Navy, Tan, though honestly I’ll skip the first two colours especially during CNY), you can pick it up online via J.W. Anderson where it is priced at GBP795.

Image: J.W. Anderson

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