Chanel Grand Sac Shopper In Denim


It’s a bag that needs no introduction, one that appears on Chanel’s store shelves from time to time, depending on the season. It’s also a bag I have a great deal of love for, because of 3 simple, straightforward reasons. One, it’s huge, which means even someone like me can carry it around town, onto the plane, to the gym (you get what I mean) without getting the strangest stares. Yes, the largest of all the Sac Shopper totes from Chanel measures 53 cm across by 38.5 cm, an ample enough size for most guys.

Secondly, there’s the denim body, which is easy to care for, hardy and of course, in a material that you don’t have to worry about when it comes to say, mould, or stains or anything else a bag made of full leather might naturally fear. In other words, it’s virtually fuss-free.

Third, and most importantly, is its price. Priced at SGD3780, it isn’t exactly affordable by any standards, but remember that with Chanel, nothing is cheap to begin with. But this is a good deal, especially if you consider the following. A denim clutch from the same brand will already set you back by almost a thousand dollars, which makes this huge denim bag, complete with a pair of top handles in leather, as well as the chain link sling, a really good deal.

Now the question is, do I need one more since I already have the same one in denim and white wording from some seasons back? Decisions, decisions…

Image: Chanel

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