Balenciaga Blackout City S


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. So when Balenciaga came out with its new interpretation of the house icon, the City, it did make me wonder. Were people falling out of love with the original that came complete with hardware and studs aplenty, or was it simply a case of taking the icon a step further and offering it in a completely new light?

And while I won’t have the answers to both questions anytime soon, I do know this. The new Blackout City is a minimalist delight, stripped of almost everything that’s most recognisable about the original City. What’s left are the ‘holes’ and perforated lines where the hardware would have gone for a look that’s definitely cleaner and slicker than its predecessor. Available in at least 3 sizes at the moment; the S measures some 24 cm by 15 cm, while the one in L comes in at 38 cm by 26 cm, which also means you’ll have options if you want a small going-out number or a larger one that’s good for work.

Priced at GBP1195, GBP1545 and GBP1885 respectively for sizes S, M and L, you’ll find all 3 sizes in various colours now via Net-A-Porter, or you could head down to Balenciaga boutiques in Singapore to pick out the one that will suit you the most. But before I go, here’s something to note. Just because it is now minimal doesn’t mean it’s lighter. With the hardware gone, there’s actually now an extra layer of leather on the bag for that can-see-through-cannot-see-through effect, so as far as its weight is concerned, I reckon it is pretty much the same.

Image: Balenciaga

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