Disney Tsum Tsum X SK Jewellery Collection


I can think of at least 3 reasons why you should read this post. Firstly, it’s Disney Tsum Tsum! Secondly it’s Disney Tsum Tsum! And lastly, it’s Disney Tsum Tsum! Jokes aside though, with the way the world is now, it’s probably smartest to start putting your money into gold, and because not everyone here (me included) can actually afford gold ingots, this would be a start. And since they all come designed with the cutest Tsum Tsum characters as well, this is perhaps the best of both worlds. One of actually buying something that will hold its value in the long run, and adorable AF. Really.

From 999 pure gold charms in the shape of Mickey Mouse and Winnie The Pooh you can ‘stack’ onto the bracelet that’s also available via SK Jewellery, they also have cute Tsum Tsum characters in the form of pendants as well as gold coins (choose from 0.2 or 0.5 gm options) that come printed with cute mugshots of Elsa, Stitch, even Marie from the animated classic Aristocats.


For those who want to ‘splurge’, there are even gold bars that come in either 2 gm or 1 gm options. Well, not exactly gold bars, more sheets of gold than anything else, but you know what I mean. While there’s no word yet on their exact prices, you can now check out the full collection at SK Jewellery showrooms across Singapore. Another Christmas gifting option to put onto your shopping list perhaps?

Images: SK Jewellery

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