Spring-Summer 2017 Delvaux Brillant Collection


Before you attempt to adjust your screen wondering where the rest of the bags went, let me explain. These are your first looks at Delvaux’s Spring-Summer 2017 collection, and only of the Brillant bags which I am already a huge fan of. But for those of you who aren’t familiar/don’t remember, do follow this link for a quick crash course/refresher.

And instead of showing you the whole bag, whose shape is pretty straightforward by the way, with the short single top handle on a structured, almost trapezoid-shaped bag that’s anchored on the front with a huge upturned D (D for Delvaux) buckle, I’m instead focusing on the details of each S/S17 offering, in which the Belgian luxury house takes great pride whenever it comes to their pieces. You see, the brand has never been about fads or trends; instead their strength has always been innovating the materials that they use for their bags, from the humblest of toile (read: canvas) to the fine leathers and even the exotics like alligator and galuchat.

Yes, Delvaux has done it all, sometimes even blending different leathers harmoniously for the most beautiful of end results, bags that will always be classic and timeless and look good on most any woman young or old. But don’t take my word for it, you can always head down to their single flagship boutique in Singapore that’s located at Scotts Square or wait for more of my upcoming posts where I’ll actually show you all of the bag, tell you how much it costs and most importantly, why you should most definitely buy one, even if it will cost you an arm and a leg. But for now, enjoy the pastel hues, the shiny patents and that mixed alligator/galuchat beauty, please.

Images: Delvaux

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