Mulberry Zipped Bayswater


To be honest, when I first got the email from Mulberry UK that they were launching this bag in a day’s time, I was immediately intrigued. Especially when the subject header had the words Zipped Bayswater in it as well. Was it going to be a new update on the classic? Will it look completely different? Where was this zip going to be?

15 minutes later (after downloading the imagery and clicking around Mulberry online), I finally realised two things. The zip simply refers to the fact that this new Bayswater has a zip closure in its main compartment, allowing you to keep its contents more secure than ever before. The other (and I think more important) thing, was the fact the Bayswater now comes with two belted straps on the front which makes up the decorative locking detail. In other words, the new Zipped Bayswater is actually a Bayswater and Kelly hybrid. Of sorts. *gasp*

Now before you take out the pitchforks and start a witch hunt, this won’t be the first time this has happened, where one brand has taken inspiration from another, and in the defence of the Zipped Bayswater, it does look quite appropriate on it. My question is, is there even a need for such a change when we have all already come to love the Bayswater for what it is, instead of what it has become now?


Available in 2 sizes, 34 cm by 29.5 cm for the regular (GBP1195) and 29 cm by 25 cm for the Small (GBP995), they both come in a wide variety of colours which you can now shop for online via Mulberry where international shipping is offered. So guys, what do you think about this newest update regarding the Bayswater?

Images: Mulberry

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