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For the man who’s averse to anything designer, monogrammed and loud, I’ve always suggested Montblanc as a good go-to option, and here’s something not many would know about me. When I first entered the working world way, way back, Montblanc was also my first ‘serious’ wallet, something decent and respectable that was also appropriate for work.

And it served me well, which is why till this day I would often offer up Montblanc as the ‘safe’ brand you get for designer-fearing husbands, monogram-averse boyfriends and fathers who don’t like loud colours. Which brings us to a new collection that Montblanc just launched recently. Simply known as the Urban Spirit collection, the 22-piece lineup includes bags in many styles, accessories like pen pouches and of course, a decent range of SLGs that no real man will hate.

From compact billfolds to long zipped wallets and even card cases that come in many different permutations, there’s an added tech feature that most anyone will appreciate. Ever heard of credit card scanners that can be used to scan your wallet and quite literally steal your credit card details? Well, each SLG in this collection (priced from SGD265 to SGD545) comes with something called Montblanc Shield that blocks your details from being stolen so long as the card (or cards) is sitting in the specially-lined slot(s).

Made of black Italian leather that has a slightly waxy feel in Montblanc’s leather goods facility in Florence, you can check out the full collection this Saturday (29 October, 7 to 9 pm) at Montblanc’s Marina Bay Sands boutique, where a craftsman has been flown in to answer all your queries regarding this or any other leather collection you might have your eye on. Interested? Call 6688-7988 for more enquiries and put yourself on the guest list.

Image: Montblanc

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