Coach: Own A Piece Of #Coach75 History


One of the best examples of old-made-new-again-and-with-a-purpose-too goes to Coach for this very special collection of bags specially ‘created’ to celebrate their 75th anniversary. Delving deep into its archives to see which pieces would do best in this collection before setting out to buy back original Coach bags from collectors, all these vintage pieces have been cleaned and inspected for authenticity before they were ‘bedazzled’ to bring them into the modern age.


Comprising 3 different categories of bags, we have Celebrity, which sees famous artists, athletes and starlets like Angelababy, Lena Dunham and Damian Lillard with their own embellished creations up for auction, with Angelababy’s bag currently leading the pack at USD4600 with 24 bids. Then there’s Coach Originals, which has some bag styles painted with Disney characters like Bambi, Dumbo and Mickey Mouse, while others are decorated with Rexy and various leather blooms and sold as a package. By package I mean besides bidding for the bag, you’ll also get a bicycle (yes, the C.O.A.C.H one), a crystal headpiece and even a leather jacket that comes with selected styles.


Last but not least, there’s Playfully Embellished, also the most entry-level when it comes to all 3 categories. Featuring vintage Coach styles like the Dinky, Duffle and Saddle, some come with leather fringes while others have large iron-on patches already affixed to them.

All to be auctioned for the benefit of The Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the auction (which is hosted by Paddle8 online) is open to bids from anywhere in the world, including Singapore. Which also means that if you like, you can get into the action online and bid for your piece of #Coach75 history. Auction closes on 28 October, so act fast if you’re keen.

Images: Coach

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  • CLow says:

    That’s awesome! Thank you! (I couldn’t see that info on my mobile device, but I think you’re right based on the desktop based-website). I love Rexy, he’s a bit sexy!

  • CLow says:

    Bagaholicboy, do you happen to know shipping costs internationally for auction winners?

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