Bottega Veneta: Behind The Intrecciato


Think weaved leather and the first (and only) luxury brand that comes to mind will be Bottega Veneta, which first introduced the woven Intrecciato motif in the 70s following the brand’s founding in 1966 by Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro. 50 years later, Bottega Veneta is still world-renowned for their Intrecciato, with Creative Director Tomas Maier refining the original rounded box clutch we now know as the Knot, as well as introducing another house favourite, the Cabat, back in 2001.

Both celebrated icons in their own right, both bags also feature the Intrecciato motif heavily, and be it on a big bag like the Cabat or a small one like the Knot, the amount of artisanal craftsmanship put into each is the same.


Take for example, the making of the Veneta (shown above). First, you have a piece of leather that has precise slots cut into it, and it’s also the only time a machine is used because of the exact precision required. Next, the artisan will take leather strips and start weaving them through each slot, adjusting and pulling the strips after each slot has been filled to ensure uniformity. And depending on the size of the bag, it could take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours just to complete two panels (because every bag has two sides) required for making one bag.


In the words of Tomas Maier, the way Bottega Veneta weaves their bags is ‘an elegant means to strengthen soft leather, and the effect is very refined’. And anyone who owns an Intrecciato bag can easily attest to that. It’s strong, yet supple without ever losing its shape, all features anyone who puts good money in their bags will most definitely appreciate.

And if you want an up-close look at how the Intrecciato weave is put together by hand, there will be live demonstrations by a craftsman specially flown in from Italy this weekend at Bottega Veneta ION Orchard, in part to celebrate the reopening of their much bigger (and more refined) space within the shopping mall. Yes, folks, if you have been curious about how this famous weave is created (and have questions yourself), this is where you should be headed to this weekend for an experience at what goes on behind the Intrecciato.

Images & Video: Bottega Veneta

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