Mulberry Winter 2016 Studs Camden


While I wouldn’t say I’m personally obsessed with all bags related to the Mulberry, I have been keeping a close eye on their latest releases. Part of me wants them to do well commercially again, while another part of me is keen to see what else new Creative Director Johnny Coca will come up with next. And I must say, it has been interesting so far, from a reworked Bayswater for starters, to new styles like the Maple and the Winsley, both of which aren’t bad at all.

Even something he did for the boys, the Mens Small Buckle Satchel, is pretty cool and something I can even see myself using. Which brings us back full circle to one of the first bags he created when he landed the job at Mulberry. Called the Camden, I wasn’t exactly a fan of the first one he did that came with a zipper running down the side.

This newer one, from the Winter 2016 collection, does away with that and instead replaces it with studs, for a look that’s a tad military, a tad rock and something the more outgoing of girls amongst you can appreciate. Measuring some 26 cm across by 34 cm in height, the full leather bag (which comes with a suede lining), can be worn one of 3 ways, via its top handle where it looks like a bucket (shown above), over the shoulder (just readjust the lobster clasps on the sling to change its configuration) and on the crook of your arm, which would be the official tai-tai way.

Priced at GBP945 (or around SGD1710 after conversion), you can buy it online via where they offer international shipping (with free returns). Or head to Mulberry boutiques at Hilton Shopping Gallery and Paragon to try it out for yourself first before you decide. Looking for a versatile work bag? This could be it, and without breaking the bank too.

Image: Mulberry

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