Chanel Pre-Collection 2016 Exotic WOC


On the left, it’s a WOC. On the right, it’s another WOC. Confused? So was I when I started researching some Pre-Collection 2016 pieces from Chanel. The one on the left is indeed called a ‘wallet on chain’, albeit one that looks more like a cigarette case than anything else. Measuring some 14 cm by 10.5 by 6 cm, it could probably fit a box of cigs, but also, your cards and folded cash if you wanted something really small and slinky for a fun night out.

On the right we’ve got the traditional WOC, one that’s not only shaped like the ones we are used to, but comes with all the usual bells and whistles on the inside, from card slots and flap compartments to a zippered section where you can keep the most precious of your personals secure. Priced at SGD5110 and SGD6540 respectively, they cost this much also because they are covered with exotic python skin. For those, however, who want something that comes in leather (and costs much less), do note that both styles of the WOC are available at Chanel and will retail for approximately SGD2500 and SGD3500 respectively, or almost 50% lower.

Image: Chanel

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