Adidas Pharrell Williams Hu Race NMD Shoes


Yes, here are more shoes for all you sneakerheads to obsess over. Due out on 29 September 2016 (yes, it’s this Friday, even for Singapore) is the new collaboration between Adidas and wunderkind Pharrell Williams, which will be not 1, not 2, but 5 pairs of Hu Race NMD shoes up for grabs.

Available in 5 different colours, each colour is also designed a little differently. The one in Scarlet has HU printed on one side, RACE on the other. Core Black (which is also my favourite of the lot) has the words HUMAN and SPECIES, one on each side. Sharp Blue says HUMAN BEING, Tangerine has HUE and MAN, a word on each side whilst last but not least, Green just has a triangle with HU printed within it. If you love brights, by all means go for the 4, but I’m sticking with the Core Black. Yes, I’m boring (and safe) like that.

In Singapore, you’ll find the sneakers selling at Adidas Originals Pacific Plaza and Limited Edt Vault at 313@Somerset come launch day. Which is pretty much it as far as I’m aware but do drop a comment here if you know otherwise. Otherwise, just camp online and hit Adidas UK when they release their batch for sale. Each pair retails for GBP174.95 online (which is way better than paying secondary market prices, if you know what I mean), so you just have to grab a pair, ship it to your forwarding service (I used Borderlinx) and have them reship them back to Singapore.


If, however, if you prefer something more ‘classic’ from their NMD XR1 range, this pair, in Black/White/Semi Solar Red is up for grabs via END. All you have to do is to sign up and take part in the draw, and if you’re successful, you’ll be able to buy this pair for just USD185. Because #goodthingsmustshare

Images: Adidas & END.

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