Fall-Winter 2016 Accessories Supreme


Supreme. Honestly I don’t get it sometimes. Actually, I should say I do, especially when I own 4 or 5 accessories from the brand myself, which are basically just everyday items given Supreme’s bright (and bold) stamp of approval. You could even say that because of aforementioned branding, each mundane item is greatly elevated into a category of collectibles more sought after those McDonald’s Hello Kitty plush dolls.

And from their Fall-Winter 2016 line-up comes a small sampling of what will be available soon, that I’m hoping will be sold via supreme.com come 25 August 2016 when their online store ‘reopens’. So what do I want? Well, for starters, the B&O portable speaker (love, right?), a couple of key rings and pens, the lucite box, that tacky plastic bowl which is a must-have, that Zippo lighter (iridescent, ok!) and of course, that seemingly innocent looking glass ash-tray that comes with some naughty wording.

There’s even a brick (yes, a Supreme-branded brick, the type you use to build walls with) that will be sold. Like I said, I don’t get them, I just want them.

Image: Supreme

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