Candies Chinese Lion iPhone6 & iPhone6Plus Cases


They’re bold, they’re bright, and they’re unabashedly in your face. And if you want an iPhone case you’ll never lose again, this could be it. From Hong Kong’s Candies come these Chinese Lion iPhone cases, which come in iPhone6 and iPhone6Plus sizes at the moment.

Beautifully-detailed as well (which is amazing since they are just made of silicone), they also offer full protection, the cases ‘wrapping’ around your iPhone most securely and providing a bumper of sorts if you (like me) tend to drop your mobile phones ever so often.

The only downside? That huge amount of rubber does make your phone even larger than it already is, and it could be too much to handle especially for those with smaller hands. But still, it’s bright, it’s bold and it’s fun, and because they’re so in your face to begin with, you’ll never leave them on the table and walk away for sure.

Priced at USD52 and USD54 online respectively for the iPhone6 and iPhone6Plus cases via Candies, you can hit this link to see more, as well as the other designs Candies makes for iPhone cases, some of which are just really cute. Gloomy Monday be gone!

Image: Candies

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