Balenciaga Leather Bracelet Update 2016


Affectionately known as the ‘poor man’s bracelet’, and only because the ones from Hermès are many times more expensive, Balenciaga leather bracelets are also everyone’s starter bracelet (it was mine back when I was a wee lad), something affordable that came in many colours, finishes and lengths. Over the years, of course, some styles were dropped, new ones were added on, and walking into a Balenciaga boutique recently, I realised I recognised very few.

In other words, it was time for an update.

Quickly scanning through Balenciaga online, this is what I got. There are at least 6 different types available now, and they vary from single cuff style bracelets to those you can wrap around the wrist several times (also known as the Triple Tour). Besides contending with the ones in seasonal colours, they also come with hardware in different colours. There’s Classic Gold, Classic Silver and just the Classic (which I’m assuming is the hardware that comes looking blackened and burnished for the aged look).

Then there are those that are differentiated by the size of their studs, namely the Giant Gold series. Besides the fact that the studs are also bigger, they also come detailed with a grid-pattern on them, like an etching if you will.

Rounding up today’s selection are the newish ones known as the Classic Metallic Edge, which look as if they are ‘outlined’ on the leather bracelet (see 4th and 5th rows). Available in single or triple tour combinations, these are also the most ‘showy’ of the lot, good for those who want their #wristbling to go a longer way.

Best thing, they are all available online via Balenciaga, which now ships to Singapore. Prices are in USD, shipping costs will be extra, so gather a few girlfriends, pick a few and share on the charges. #happyshopping

Left to right: Bracelet Triple Tour (USD200 for the Classic, USD175 for the Classic Silver, 1st row), Giant Gold Bracelet Tripe Tour (USD200, 2nd row), Bracelet (USD200 for the Classic, USD175 for the Classic Silver, 3rd row), Classic Metallic Edge Bracelet (USD235, 4th row), Classic Metallic Edge Bracelet Triple Tour (USD235, 5th row) and Giant Gold Bracelet (USD200, 6th row).

Image: Balenciaga

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