Mulberry F/W16 Selwood


Truth be told, I’ve spent the better part of this day staring intently at Mulberry’s new Selwood, a new bag that you’ll find listed on their website’s Coming Soon page. Which also means in the coming weeks, you’ll be able to purchase this bag online (or in their brick-and-mortar stores around the world).

And while this is where I usually launch into the part where I tell you why this bag is a good-buy, a don’t-buy or even a die-die-must-buy, frankly, with the Selwood, I am actually kinda stuck.

Thing is, there’s nothing wrong with the bag. But on the flip side, there’s nothing right with it either. Let me explain. The Selwood is like that quiet girl in class that while nice and pleasant, had no personality. You would even call her a wallflower, which is what this bag kinda is. Measuring some 24 cm by 18 cm, the shiny calf leather shoulder sling is unremarkably simple, save for the brass-finished metal bar that’s also the clasp of the bag, where you first slide the top flap over before securing it by inserting the lower leather tab.


With a long enough sling that you can adjust to 3 different lengths to wear it however you prefer, the bag opens to 3 compartments on the inside, along with an additional zip pocket in the middle and another patch pocket on the side, which should make organisation a breeze, especially for those OCD amongst you.

But that’s about it really. I really wish I had more to say about it, but I’m afraid that’s it from me for now, folks. Maybe I’ll change my mind over time, maybe I won’t, but who would want the ‘wallflower of bags’ when there’s always the popular girl in class around whom everybody wants to be friends with, or the goth punk-chic classmate who at least has some real personality. The Selwood, on both counts, is sadly not. But if you disagree, do look out for it when it’s launched soon, where it will be priced at GBP995 online in Burgundy, Emerald and Midnight.

Images: Mulberry

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  • Adena Harel says:

    Absolutely adorable! It is just superb. The colour, the design is just beautiful. I can’t wait to buy it.

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