Fendi + Beats Pro Headphones


There are things that you need, and then there are things that you want. And depending on how you’re gonna argue this internally, you could claim that it’s a need, a want, or better yet, both.

From Fendi comes their recent collaboration with Beats, a special pair of Dr. Dre headphones that promises premium sound quality, which I think shouldn’t even be the selling point since branded headphones are supposed to provide better than average sound quality to begin with anyway.

The kicker is that these headphones come wrapped with Fendi’s finest Roman leather as well, with Selleria hand-stitching on the padded headband and ear cushions. The whole thing is then fitted snugly into its own Fendi leather case that will correspond in the same colour as the headphones for a truly complete, matchy-matchy set.

Available in 7 different colours (True Blue, Yellow and Red Flame that are shown above), along with a darker Cyan Blue and your standard black, grey and white, I have no idea if these are yet available in Singapore. What I do know is its price: a quick check with Fendi USA online states that they are priced at USD1200 a pair, or around SGD1600 after conversion.

Ok, scratch everything I said about these headphones being a need, because no one really needs headphones that cost SGD1600. But want, well, that’s a different story altogether.

Image: Fendi

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