Coco Crush Obsessions — Excuse # 1/30


Excuse # 1/30

“My husband works very hard, and his spare time is rare and precious. So I make every effort to give him support and lend a helping hand. I take charge of all the planning in our home. He had so many meetings this week so naturally, I took the lead with my Coco Crush. This is why we work so wonderfully as a couple.”

New Excuses Every Day

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  • Susan Lee says:

    I used to buy first (can’t wait). Then with the new bag wrapped up, I’ll call him at work and whined how I love that bag in the showcase and ask for ‘permission’ to buy. His ego massaged and boosted, and he’ll say, “OK OK, go buy it”. Bingo! It never fails. But it doesn’t work these days. The bank always sends him a high transaction SMS alert, on the spot!!!

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