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Gabrielle Coco Chanel was a superstitious woman, one who loved her charms and talismans which she collected and displayed in her various abodes, from her studio in 31 Rue Cambon to the apartment she kept at Ritz Hotel in Paris. During the course of her lifetime, she amassed a veritable treasure trove, amongst which included panels of antique Coromandel screens that became the backdrop of these objects that have become house icons of today, from the lion, Leo (her star sign), to the camellia that appears in various forms including bouquets of rock-crystal.


Whilst many here are familiar with them, not many will also know she loved wheat and had it in various forms throughout her apartment. Appearing on various mediums, there were wheat bouquets made of brass to carved wheat detailing on the wooden fireplace and gilded sheaves of wheat that served as table legs. She even had a painting commissioned; Dali painted her a single blade of wheat.

Why? She regarded wheat as an eternal symbol of regeneration, one of abundance, luck and prosperity. And most fittingly, Chanel High Jewellery pays tribute to one of Gabrielle Chanel’s most personal symbols this season with the Les Blés de Chanel collection, 62 different pieces that pay homage to the humble grain in precious metals and stones like diamonds, yellow sapphires, peridots, crystallines, aquamarines and of course, pearls.


And if I had to play favourites and pick just one high jewellery piece to fawn over, it would be the this, the ‘Fête des Moissons‘ necklace (shown above), which is also the star of the collection. Employing signature techniques, the craftsmen at the atelier made this piece articulated and light in spite of the way it looks, with a 25 carat vivid yellow diamond taking centrestage on the neck piece that also includes over one thousand fancy-cut multicoloured diamonds, brilliant-cut yellow diamonds, marquise-cut diamonds and brilliant-cut diamonds.

No less breath-taking include a selection of ‘Fête des Moissons’ pieces that also has a cuff bracelet, drop earrings and a ring, their key features (like the necklace) being the ample use of richly-hued yellow diamonds that are akin to the most intense of sunsets over a ripe wheat field.


Other mini-collections in the Les Blés line-up include ‘Moisson d’Or‘ and ‘Moisson de Perles‘, which of course feature Chanel’s signature precious cultured pearls to great effect on pieces set on white gold alongside brilliant diamonds. Making its way around the world to various countries after Paris, we will get to witness the collection in its full, rich, abundant glory come January 2017 when they get exhibited in Singapore, so please watch this space for more updates.

Images: Chanel

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