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What does a bobbin of gold thread, a hanger and a sewing box have in common? Well, in the case of Chanel’s upcoming Fall-Winter 2016 collection, these humble objects that you’ll usually find in a seamstress’ room also form the core of novelty bags that will be launched in Singapore in the coming months.

The collection, also known as #FrontRowOnly (where all the guests were seated front row by way of some creative space-planning as a throwback when Coco Chanel had intimate showings of her collections within the salons of 31 Rue Cambon), also pays tribute to the women and men who work behind the scenes, their ateliers and the ‘treasures’ they use on an everyday basis.

And because with every seasonal collection there will always be such novelty pieces that are more collectible than anything else, this particular collection will feature amongst other things, resin minaudières that come in the shape of a bobbin of thread as well as a sewing box that actually opens and reveals dual compartments.


Then there’s this, a 2.55 that comes ‘clipped’ onto its very own hanger. And while it’s cute, I would not recommend this particular piece for those looking to kickstart their very own collection. This, however, would be the bag for you if you already have more than a handful in the walk-in wardrobe and are looking for something fun and kitschy just to mix things up a little. No word yet on their prices or when they will actually launch in Singapore, so expect more updates soon.

Images: Chanel & Harrison Tsui

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