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I believe I’ve officially lost it. Like seriously flipped out, gone bonkers and lost all my marbles along the way too. Why? Because instead of being extremely incensed that this joke of a bag is being passed off as a luxury item, instead of mocking its very existence since plastic versions of it go for less than a dollar here in Asia, instead of questioning why a revered brand like Balenciaga would even deem it fit to sit on their store shelves, funnily enough, I want it for myself. There, I said it.

Maybe I’m loving the extreme irony of it all, that such a lowly item in the natural order of bags should be remade with something as precious as lambskin leather. Or maybe I’m just sick of everything else that’s currently on the market that’s either an icon (because you can keep selling that same bag over and over again), that’s all the same (hey, let’s do another mini bag because everyone else is doing it!) or that’s a safe, editor-approved bag guaranteed to make their best-of-FW16 list for sure.


Then again, my obsession with Balenciaga’s Bazar Shopper can’t be explained at all, and I made everything up just to justify buying the one in Medium that measures 37 cm by 37 cm (shown above) that I’m also assuming will fit comfortably over my shoulder given its generous strap drop. There’s also one in Large but no details have been released on that yet, while the Small (29 cm by 28) will come with an additional shoulder sling as well.

Finished with shiny palladium hardware and embossed on the front in gold with the smallest Balenciaga logo ever, I’m even ok with paying USD1520 for the Made in Italy tote in Medium, which if I’m not wrong, is still cheaper than the one Louis Vuitton did (yes, they offered something like this too) back when Marc Jacobs was still their Creative Director.

Thankfully (or not), the Bazar Shopper isn’t available to be purchased yet, though you can pre-order it first via Balenciaga online. Which means I’ll still have time to ponder really hard regarding wanting something that doesn’t make any sense. Then again, it’s just a bag. If we all really wanted to make any sense, we would all be content with just one bag each because how many bags do we really need anyway, right?


Update: 28 July 2016
This just in. The bags will be available in Singapore at Balenciaga stores from early August and are priced at SGD2130 and SGD2290 for sizes S and M respectively. The bad news? Singapore won’t be stocking the ones in L which is also the one I’m most looking forward to. How like that?

Images: Balenciaga

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