Mulberry Alexa: The End Of An Era?


If the chatter on the internet is to be believed (and coupled with the fact that if you check out Mulberry’s online site you’ll only see 3 bags left), the days of the Alexa are numbered. Once the most sought-after of all bags ever made by the British accessories house during the tenure of then Creative Director Emma Hill, it was all I ever blogged about back in 2009 when it first came out, and it was all you guys ever asked about.

There was the Alexa in soft buffalo leather, which was then followed by variations in metallic leathers, tweed-embossed leather and even one which came in leopard prints. They made it big, they made it small, they made so many versions of it but nothing beat the original one in Oak leather that was priced at just GBP750 way, way, way back then.

Along the way, the IT bag became irrelevant, mainly because prices literally skyrocketed overnight after Mulberry decided that it had to aspire to be a luxurious leather house with equally eye-watering prices to match, and things took a turn for the worse with Emma Hill’s departure happening soon after.

Today, under the tenure of current Creative Director Johnny Coca, it would make sense to discontinue the bag altogether since it a) wasn’t his creation to begin with and more likely, b) to align with his new vision for the brand. And it’s telling that the bag’s run will end soon, especially when a quick check online reveals only 3 styles left. Only the originals in Oak and Black are left and priced at GBP1100 each, with a third in woven raffia leather going for GBP1250. Nothing else is left, no mini bags, no oversized pieces, no wallets, nada, zilch, finito. Which begs the question.

While it is understandable for Mr Coca to do as he pleases since he is the one who will set the new creative direction, could it be a case of too fast, too soon? Or are you happy that it’s going to go on to bag heaven aka the deepest nether regions of your bag cupboard where all the discontinued/forgotten bags go to live out the rest of their lives? And if you have always wanted one but haven’t gotten around to buying one, would you do it now?

Update: 14 June 2016
Having reached out to Mulberry UK regarding the fate of the Alexa, this was their exact reply. ‘The Alexa is definitely still in the range this coming F/W16 season in core colours, Black and Oak.’ In other words, the mystery continues…

Update: 27 November 2017
It’s official. The Alexa has been discontinued. Do a search for it on Mulberry and you’ll be greeted with this. ‘The Alexa is no longer part of our collection. Explore our new season and latest arrivals.’ In other words, goodbye old friend.

Image: Mulberry

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  • Esty says:

    Mulberry Alexa always be my favourite daily bag, using it as a shoulder bag. I shortened the strap you may check it on Youtube how to get it done.

    Mine in Raspberry Pink, become unstructured as time passed by but am still loving it! I love how practical the bag is, how chic and humble the design is, and how I don’t need to baby her.

    I am so sad Mulberry Alexa has been discontinued. Yet, she’ll always have a special place on my wardrobe.

  • Ellen Suffolk says:

    I’ve had many Alexas in my time but currently just have the one in Oak Polished buffalo, which I prefer to the original as I like a bit of structure. I love the bag and it’s so practical too so I can’t see myself ever getting rid of the last one I have but I fell out of love with Mulberry years ago anyway so it doesn’t really bother me if they do discontinue it.

    Hiking your prices up overnight does not a premium designer brand make. He can charge all he likes but the quality and look of his bags will never compete with the likes of Balenciaga and Chloe, who have been established premium brands for decades. I wouldn’t buy a Mulberry now at the prices they’re charging. I don’t begrudge the money itself, I’d just rather put that money to a brand that’s more deserving and get a better product for it.

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      Appreciate your thoughts and thanks for dropping by. Sometimes it is true what they say, that old is gold.

  • Christina says:

    I have always liked the bag, but I was initially unwilling to buy it because of the hype and because the design is quite unassuming. but the other day I realized that it might be just the perfect bag for me.

    So I was lucky to pick up the Oak and the Black versions before they disappeared. I love the Alexa because it’s casual yet chic, super practical, it has the perfect size for me and it’s relatively lightweight. It’s perfect for long shopping hauls and everyday.

  • Felicia says:

    The Alexa has had its day. It’s the same with the Daria, possibly the most faked bag in existence – they should have been phased it out moons ago.

    I absolutely congratulate JC on breathing new life in to the otherwise stale brand that is Mulberry and I wish him every success. Most naysayers only buy from outlets or second-hand… I mean ‘pre-loved’ so I’m sure he won’t give a fig. This is his baby and what he’s employed to do. Why would he want to be in the shadow of another designer?

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      True that, especially when JC wants to make his own mark on the brand as well.

      • Felicia says:

        Absolutely. You can’t live in the past, which is what Mulberry have been doing. I love the new range. Well most of it. It will take time to make his mark. Possibly at least two years so I think he should be given a chance instead of all the negativity from Mulberry ‘lovers’ who only like old designs.

  • Terence Tan says:

    I still remember how crazy in love I was with mine!

  • Stef says:

    My first ever full price, bought directly from Mulberry was a Black Alexa in soft buffalo. Think it was £795 back then and I felt like such a high flier buying it! I since added a Mini in Cabbage Green and those two are still very much used (oversized swamps me by the way, so I bought and quickly sold on).

    Personal memories aside, whilst Coca’s aesthetic is more towards the structured bags, I would have thought the slight nod to ‘carefree and rock’n’roll’ would fit in with him. Totally get thought that he wants to free himself of the old – even if that’s sad…

  • Aqila says:

    Yes all things must come to an end eventually, but I do think that by discontinuing models that have been so popular in the past and until this day doesn’t make good business sense to me.

    I sell a lot of designer handbags and feedback from my forum is that the new designs from Johnny are nice – just not Mulberry. Celine yes but not the designs that Mulberry are renowned for.

    So if sales of the new items fall, Mulberry will need core products to back up it’s revenue. Core products I would say are associated with the Alexa, the Bayswater, the Lily and dare I say the discontinued Del Rey and soon-to-be discontinued Daria. All very popular bags by Mulberry and appeal to all markets of all ages and disposable income. Sorry!

  • CYn chua says:

    Hi BB, what a sad piece of news! Alexa is such a functional bag and I bought the oversized Alexa in Oak many years back and still loving it until today!

  • Germaine says:

    I fondly remember when I had one in each size. I’ve since sold the biggest, and am holding on to the regular and mini for the kid to play with when she’s older.

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      I remember to! Back in those days we even discussed which ones to buy and you always commented whenever I did an Alexa post. Aww..

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