Impossible Project Polaroid Supercolor 635CL Camera


Growing up, I never had the chance to own a Polaroid camera, and while I was aware of its existence and what it could do, back then I simply couldn’t afford it. Thankfully when the company eventually closed in 2008, an entity known as the Impossible Project stepped in to revive the brand, rescuing its machines and continuing the production of that iconic instant-format film.

And while I’m not exactly sure how long these have been on sale already, I’m pleased to report that it is now available via Mr Porter, where you’ll find amongst other things, the Polaroid Supercolor 635CL Camera that I’ve now got my eye on. Sure, I know next to nothing about how to use it, or if my snapshots taken with this Polaroid camera will be of any good, but never say never until you’ve given it a shot (or two), right?

Priced at GBP100 for the camera and GBP14 for a set of either black and white or colour stills (each one will come with that classic white frame you’ve come to know and love about Polaroid), it’s another reason to shop now via Mr Porter; they are offering free delivery on all orders for a limited time. In other words, excuse me while I pop a couple of these into my cart, and if anyone out there has any tips on taking that stellar Polaroid shot, please leave your comments here in this post. Because #sharingiscaring.

Image: Mr Porter

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  • Layla says:

    You got me to Mr Porter in a jiffy only to be left sorely disappointed because they don’t ship to SG. How did you get round the shipping restrictions?

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      I know, same thing happened to me as soon as I finished the post. I intend to use either Borderlinx or get a friend in the UK to ship it back to me…

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