Louis Vuitton Speedy 101 (With Updated Prices In SGD)


One of Louis Vuitton’s most endearing bag icons, the Monogram Canvas Speedy was the bag everyone wanted when I first started blogging back in 2007 (has it been that long?). I remember receiving loads of emails asking about the Speedy, from the various sizes available to how much it cost. And if I remember correctly, they only had the Speedy back then in either Monogram Canvas or Damier Ebene (Damier Azur hadn’t even come out yet). They didn’t have shoulder slings either (yes, now they do), nor could they have been customised, which is what you can do now if you so choose too.

In other words, because it’s been so, so long since I did anything on the classic Speedy, consider this post your refresher.

Still available in the same 4 sizes they’ve always had, they are classified by length of the bag, so a Speedy25 for example, measures around 25 cm across. There’s a Speedy30, a Speedy35 and a Speedy40 as well, which is the biggest in the Speedy family. Any bigger and it would be considered a Keepall, which starts at 45 (Keepall45) all the way to a 60, but that’s a post for another day.

Made almost entirely of coated-canvas with a smidgen of leather where you find its handles, the tab and the trim, it’s also extremely lightweight, virtually indestructible, ages well over time (especially if you are into the whole patina thing on the leather handles) and of course, affordable. Yes, that’s because it is mostly canvas after all, but it is also one of the few designer bags you’ll find in the market today under the SGD1400 mark.

Yes, it’s time for the prices. The Speedy25 is just SGD1300, the Speedy30 is SGD1330. Then we have the Speedy35 at SGD1360 and finally the Speedy40? Just SGD1390. Affordable, right?

And as perfect as the Speedy was, the fans wanted more. They wanted it to come with a shoulder sling as well, and if I’m not wrong, Louis Vuitton launched that in 2011. Known as the Speedy Bandouliere, it also came in the same 4 sizes and are currently priced SGD1880, SGD1910, SGD1940, SGD1970 respectively. Yes, it costs a tad more, but you’re paying for the shoulder sling made entirely of leather, and because it’s even more functional now, it’s ok, right?

After that (or was it before that), the Damier Azur Speedy was launched, which also means that as of today, you can choose from 3 different colours/patterns (Monogram Canvas, Damier Azur and Damier Ebene), 4 sizes and the option of having it with sling or not. Which is definitely more options than what we had back in 2007.

Other updates? The Mini Lin Speedy (fabric instead of canvas) has since been discontinued, there’s now a Speedy Nano (tiny tiny tiny Speedy with a sling) and of course, Mon Monogram, which allows you to customise your Speedy with your own choice of initials and stripes before it is made. There are also seasonal Speedy offerings, like one shown above made specially for S/S16. Not exactly a fan of this one, but since everyone here knows what a Speedy looks like anyway, you know what I mean.

All of this talk of the Speedy is making me nostalgic. I even remember back in the day when I would follow my girlfriend (and by girlfriend I mean a girl who is a friend) to Louis Vuitton countless times before she decided to get one, a Speedy30. I even toyed with the idea of getting a Speedy40 for myself, which I’ve seen some guys rock rather effortlessly. Which brings me to this question. Do any of you out there still use yours? Or are thinking of getting one anytime soon?

Image: Louis Vuitton

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  • KL says:

    I think I am loving the Speedy with a shoulder sling. Now, would that be a 35 or 40 for me? Please advise BB. Thank you!

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      Proportion is key, so try out both sizes and see what looks ‘just right’. The key thing is shouldn’t look too big or small on you, unless that effect is intended.

  • Adjani Lee says:

    Totally heart you. Yes, this piece was one of the earliest pieces I lusted after and had no money for in the early days!

  • CYn chua says:

    Hey BB, has it been so long? My first designer bag was the Speedy 30 which I bought at SGD990 and I’m still using it. It’s been 10 good years, working perfectly just like the day I bought it! I will never sell it away even if I don’t use it anymore simply because it’s where my (designer bag) dream started!

  • PrIscilla says:

    Thanks for this post BB! The Speedy 25 was one of my first few LV bags back in 2005/2006!

    Could you share more about the Mon Monogram speedy?

  • Khairul Azmi says:

    We tend to forget about our classic pieces. Thank you for this throwback post… Sure does bring back memories…

  • Varga Attila says:

    Great article. Post another one on the Keepall, please.

  • Shirley says:

    I have the Mini Lin 30, brown colour. I didn’t know it was discontinued already. Or was it a special/season edition? Anyway I bought the bag simply because I like it, never mind if it was a special edition or not. And yes very versatile, matches almost any outfit.

  • cc says:

    My first designer bag was LV but not the Speedy. I bought a preowned MC Black Speedy along the way and sold it too. I’m lusting over the Speedy B25 for the longest time ever but I can’t believe how much they cost now. It’s only canvas! I remember it cost slightly over SGD1500 when they first launched it. It just keep getting pushed back on my wish list. I’m just not sure if I’ll use it that much after getting it.

  • I think the Speedy is iconic. Always appropriate, and perfectly functional. I have the Keepall 50. (My nod to the classics.) I always encourage everyone to make the Speedy their first LV purchase. Thank you for this Speedy reflection!

  • Anne chua says:

    I had my first ‘real’ designer bag- a speedy 25 when I was 22-23 years old!!! I remembered I was so determined to get the speedy at that time, and when it was OOS in Ngee Ann City, I dragged my mum to the LV store in Raffles Hotel to hunt it down. Mum paid for it, and I pay her back via installment for the next one year. Oh yeah, and O remembered it cost less than SGD900 at that time. The great old memory!

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      LOL! Thanks for sharing!

      You know the sad thing? LV Raffles Hotel is no more, they closed it this year. And it was at RH that I bought my very first LV too. Memories indeed…

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