Goyard Saint Sulpice (Card Holder)


It’s odd that in all the years of blogging, I’ve never once blogged about Goyard’s Saint Sulpice, a functional-enough SLG (in this case, a card holder) that’s also very easy on the eyes. And small as it might be, it actually has 4 card slots (two on each side) with an additional slot in the middle where one could stash folded cash (yes, I’ve seen it used that way), or receipts and other paper bits and bobs that you can’t throw away yet.

Available in all colours under Goyard’s rainbow (that would be 11 in all if I remembered correctly), with two considered regular colours and the remaining 9 classified as special hues, which would explain why each bag or SLG in Goyard comes with 2 price tags. How to tell what’s what? Black/Tan and Black is considered ‘normal’, everything else is ‘special’, and that’s pretty much it really.

Now that that’s out of the way, back to the Saint Sulpice. Yes it’s functional, yes it’s easy on the eyes, and if you’re looking for something entry-level to kickstart your very own Goyard collection, this would be it. Priced at SGD440 and SGD570 respectively for the regular and special colours, this is also a brand that a) never goes on sale ever and b) goes up in price ever so often, so as far as paying for something that never ever depreciates, this, guys, would be it. And if you want to check them out for yourself in Singapore, Goyard is located in Ngee Ann City on Level 1 opposite Chanel. #happyshopping

Image: Goyard

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