Gucci XL GG Floral Print Tote


I like my florals, and I like my monograms. Put them together and you’ve pretty much got this, one of Gucci’s new bags of the season for men, the XL GG Floral Print Tote. Admittedly, it’s not an ugly bag, in fact, I do like the whole embroidered phoenix and giant bee dancing amongst the gold flowers set against the GG Supreme canvas that’s also printed with its own blue/green floral print.

Yes, it’s a lot to take in, especially when you consider its size, measuring 37.5 cm across by 35.5 cm in height. It also comes with a removable shoulder sling (ok, that’s useful), suede-bonded lining and patch pockets on the inside. Retailing for around SGD3500 or so, it’s lovely yes, but as far as I’m concerned, mustering the courage to bring this bag out and about would be a different story altogether.

In other words, if I do get it, I would probably place it on a pedestal and stare at it all day, with an arrangement of flowers sticking out the top, of course. For everyone else (especially the fashion-forward folks amongst you), it’s now available at Gucci boutiques in Singapore.

Image: Gucci

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