Globe-Trotter Spectre Slim Leather-Trimmed Attaché Case


This is as old-school as it gets, a Spectre-inspired attaché case from Globe-Trotter (GBP1170) that you don’t see many of these days. Not just from Globe-Trotter, but any attacheé/briefcase for that matter as men these days prefer the dual functionality of say, a messenger that also holds the gym gear or a smart backpack that’s also suitable for work.

Gone are the days when you hear the click of the locks as one opens his briefcase to retrieve his papers, pens or even a desktop calculator, because frankly no one carries around such a thing anymore. It’s pretty much emails via Google, documents and PDFs stored in Dropbox and for everything else we have our trusty iPhones.

In other words, as much as this 41 cm by 32 cm leather-trimmed briefcase is a handsome one, what with its smart top handle and push-locks that com with keys, is it something that we could safely say is no longer relevant in this day and age?

Image: Mr Porter

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